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We focus on connecting business by bridging borders

Our Mission is to empower US small and medium sized businesses with Mexican manufacturing and make the transaction efficient, safe, and easy. Our job is to build bridges and open borders in order to create great synergies between the two countries.

Our Company

Makerwize started with a simple question. How could I source and build products in Mexico? Who can I trust? Who are the best suppliers? What is the process to get started?

At Makerwize we make sourcing transparent, reliable, and trusted to source to empower you to have the best sourcing solutions.

Empowering Local Talent

We're passionate about unlocking the potential of local manufacturers, connecting them with global opportunities to showcase their craftsmanship and innovation.

Innovative Solutions

Our platform is a hub of cutting-edge solutions, harnessing the power of technology to streamline the nearshoring process, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Speed and Agility

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly connect businesses with the right manufacturing partners, adapting swiftly to market demands.

Strategic Partnerships

Our network of strategic partnerships across LATAM ensures that we provide comprehensive solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each business.

Our story

It all started with a friend from the United States calling one of our founders to ask where in Mexico he could find a supplier to make pickle ball rackets. He was starting a pickle ball company and was looking for a manufacturer. Because of the business climate with China, he wanted to give Mexico a try, so our founder helped him look for a company. After a couple of weeks, our founder had reached the bottom of the barrel and I could not find a supplier for his friend. He referred him to a broker and was left with the feeling that there had to be a better way. One month later another friend reached out looking for another supplier in Mexico, this time he did find a supplier for him, but it was complicated, it took too long, and had to talk to a lot of suppliers, waited long time for quotes and to find the correct one.

That is where Makerwize was born. It’s an easy to use website where manufacturers and small and mid size companies can find each other. With Makerwize, we can connect the US and Mexico, providing cost savings, quality and IP protection. FInd your next business partner at Makerwize.

What We Value

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At our core, we embrace ownership as the foundation of our success. We empower every team member to take initiative, accountability, and pride in their work, fostering a culture where everyone contributes to the company's shared goals.

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We uphold unwavering credibility in all our endeavors. Our commitment to transparency, honesty, and delivering on promises builds trust with our stakeholders, ensuring that we are a reliable partner and an authentic presence in the business landscape.

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Embracing the spirit of innovation, we constantly seek new and creative solutions to drive progress. We encourage a dynamic environment where ideas flourish, pushing boundaries to pioneer groundbreaking approaches that set us apart in a rapidly evolving market.

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Customer Centric

Putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do, we are dedicated to understanding their needs and exceeding expectations. By fostering genuine connections, providing exceptional service, and tailoring solutions to their requirements, we ensure a customer-centric approach that forms the bedrock of our success.

Meet Our CEO - David Valenzuela

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With a rich background in operations and financial analysis, David Valenzuela, our CEO, brings a wealth of experience to lead our innovative venture. His strategic vision and leadership have been pivotal in shaping the company's direction and growth.

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Strategic Growth

Under David's leadership, our company has seen remarkable growth, forging new paths in the nearshoring domain and creating impactful connections across LATAM.

Industry Leadership

David is recognized for his forward-thinking approach, steering the company to become a leader in the industry and a trusted partner for businesses across Latin America.

Meet Our CTO - Carlos Melgoza

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Is the technological powerhouse behind our operations. His extensive expertise in software development and IT management has been crucial in building our robust, innovative platform.

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Innovation and Technology

Under Carlos's leadership, our technology team is constantly pushing the boundaries, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of nearshoring solutions.

Team Leadership

Carlos's vision for collaborative and efficient team dynamics has cultivated a culture of excellence, driving the development of cutting-edge technological solutions.

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